14 thoughts on “Sexy boys

  1. love joy the boy in Picture Number SIX, the one with those dark spectacles, and love he with that hat. with writing on it, and love him for that pant, his male pant, the pant he wears, or thinks he does, that pant that needs removing, in the wash room he is in, to then tease him, to get into the undy thing he wears we only see a hint of. love him. Love Want that hat and Love want the boy under it. pm me his identity. He will get adopted. That love joy boy in Picture Number SIX ! — Only to be fair, want like love the little malecreature in Picture Number EIGHT. His LEO POLOO pant will not equal his nor make anything close to that face of his with that mouth of his … count his every eye lash and hair hang.

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