20 thoughts on “Absolute Sports

  1. Can I have couple #2 please, please, please?….oh what fun in the locker room or anywhere else for that matter. they are yummy. thanks for sharing all of these.

  2. I don’t play sports but I do like to watch sports and I could definitely watch them all day – and what the heck, I would definite like to play with them too! – aren’t sports fun!

  3. Which boy do i want to bump into in the locker room with is the bo in the dark pant in Picture Number TWO. pull off and goggle ogle wicks and miff with. Did I just write that ? ha ha ha smile and ^.^

  4. #2 would measure the biceps of the guy on the left. The right guy has solid flat abs. Us 3 would have a great time together. Oh, and they have already unzipped their panties. Fantasies unwinding…

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