21 thoughts on “I’m in underwear

  1. Meh? penguin I don’t like to give negative comments, no usually if I feel a certain way I just move on and don’t comment rather then say something negative..and trust me im not picking on YOU….,Yes I cannot say that I don’t like YOUR pics You have a nice tum-tum and nice package,,,but this is more of a commentary on the recent rash of the* same old -above the thigh/below the chest tummy and undies shots that have popped up in the last few months. Some may enjoy these but to me they are becoming all too “Vanilla” the same old same old. Just my two cents worth I guess. rtfm

    • I’m with you on that one. This blog recently has been turning into a hook-up site with guys flaunting their “erection in undies” pics. How lame! And totally tedious!

      • Its not that I don’t want to see the “erection in undies” don’t misinterpret what I meant,I like to see that too, inlove but what I mean is id like to see the whole body and face (if they want to?) just seeing a small portion of the upper thigh and a little abs with the shirt lifted up isn’t that appealing to me anyway…..its a to each his own o guess? Im glad you sort of agree ,Thanks

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