15 thoughts on “One thing leads to another!

  1. Very provocative….mmmmmmm thanks for sharing them. Would love to know what happens next after the last one! quite hot

  2. Boy #3 My favorite of them all! So sexy and cute! What a face…. inlove and those baby abs.. heart Oooo-la-la! #4 also too hot Yummy! 5,6,7 love them! Purple hat boy looks so delicious. Like dessert!!…. dash Also love the suggestiveness of last two boys. True boy love! heart Nice post!

  3. I want the boy with the headphones. All alone in his room… Mmmmm heart heart heart

    And can someone please tell me where the last two pics are from? If it’s from a movie I’d like for it to be recommended to me. smile

  4. I wish I could comment on all of the pics in some way but it’s not always possible for me to do it so, first, but thanks for pics – all of the boys are amazing and awesome in their own special way or ways and this group of boys is no exception. But that last pic is too much – like with everyone else, it would be great to get more info and/or pics of these boys – so if there is more info and/or pics of them, please let us know the info and please show more pics if possible. Thanks again.

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