14 thoughts on “Cute boy with cute feet

  1. I CANT say what I would wanna do with that whip cream to him!!! or where id wanna put it on him? cause I know it wont get posted so I will let all of you think for yourselves…you dirty ,dirty people… chuckle P.S. by the way im not a foot fetish guy like a few on BoB have professed to be .But I have to admit…Im starting to “get it” now… yes These made me kinda …lets say…excited a little ?…Cute boy by the way love the Bieber hair and face!!!

  2. Am I weird I love boys feet clean or dirty there a boy at my school always takes his shoes off and his feet really smelly. But I just feel I want to drop to my knees and sniff them is that weird or a normal thing?

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