33 thoughts on “Who Is The Hottest ?

  1. #1 is horridly and unnecessarily photoshopped. His nipple isn’t nearly that big or his package that exaggerated. It’s a shame, because as he is for real, he’s easily the sexiest boy on this page. One of the sexiest boys at the swim meet he was attending.

  2. Two, soaked white shorts, wonderfully defined… everything. Nicely toned body, looks natural, and a great smile with just that hint of a dimple too. Come to think of it, both kinds of dimples.

  3. Nope Its the last one Hot blonde boy!! What a body and cute face to match…#1 just has a big willy that’s not what makes him hottest to me…boy #2 is sexy too! But its the last one for me!!!

  4. Picture Number ONE has a beatific face and angelic head — but the rest is impossible. I love him. I hate the impossibly. He is a man worth time. But this photo of him is so often an alter it is obvious that he is an offer to god. Why else bother to bother with him. He is so perfect he is a man god gives. The original photo I see years ago. He is a gift to us by god. Why alter it.

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