9 thoughts on “Ahhh his eyes!…

  1. Ive Always been an “eye” BL for sure! eyes especially colored eyes big eyes and long lashes are a big turn on for me!! A boy/boyfriend that I was with had sexy green eyes and long eye lashes and a mouth full of silver braces! light brown hair and a hot six packed tummy! inlove That’s what I was first attracted to when I met him! I couldn’t take my eyes off of his sexy eyes and his face and braces..So while I loved pic #1 I changed to pic #10 that’s what my boys eyes looked like except really greener! Love #10 yummy! what a dream boy! dash Also all are hot but I liked #`s1,2,5,8&9 too! 10 is my fav!!!!

  2. The boy in Picture Number TEN is too beautiful to just love. That might seem stupid but he is too beautiful to just love. You will have to count every hair on his head and every eyelash and brow. Then start loving him. inlove

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