25 thoughts on “Boys With Tattoos

  1. Stensils I don’t mind, they can fade away, or get washed off. Cool for just a little while, then gone. I love the little dragon facing away. There’s just something about him, I can’t quite put my finger on him, er… I meant IT! He’s the only butt in the batch.

  2. I don’t love children with tattoos because they hurt and then are against purity and innocence.
    The same goes for fumo drug and alcohol
    They are all harmful things that children should avoid

    • those aren’t real tats! they are stick-on Tats! any parent would be out of their minds to allow a child to actually get one, My Dad had 2, one on each arm he got while in the Navy on a drunken weekend, and he regretted them the rest of his life!

  3. Cute boys there, Aesthetik!
    Love 3&8! heart

    Apparently the tattoos on #9 are some Chinese words “晚餐会” which reads “Dinner meeting” or “Dinner party” ? I wonder what dinner is so important that he has to get a tattoo for it! laugh

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