15 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hey and welcome! Advice: please don’t trust all people who say that they are 10-18 because just 5-10% in this blog really are (I’m saying this because of experiences). I’m 16, if you wanna chat or/and trade PM me please smile

  2. Yeah a hard (ha ha) y welcome to the blog. You are quite hot in tighty whiteys and should get lots of pms I would think. Personally since I am 30, I am sure there are plenty of younger members who will be most interested.

  3. If that IS you Baby your tooooooooo.hot to handle! yes heart Your def my type!! And use some *abreva on that boo-boo! chuckle Don’t wanna scar those oh so luscious lips..you have an awesome lookin face and beautiful eyes! You are very very hot! heart Love ya!!! inlove dash Cant wait to see more..and P.S. * I don’t think there are any 10 year olds on B0B? just sayin!

  4. Hello Wezley i love very boys with all my soul and heart
    My big dream is have a little brother
    I love very boys feet
    Do you want to be my little brother?

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