15 thoughts on “ZARA: Blue Collection

  1. He is truly stunning especially his legs showing in #2. thanks for sharing these pix of him.

  2. Very Very stunningly cute boy ,No wonder he’s a model. I would have picked him for this photo shoot too! yes Although in pic # 9( Im wondering what the last word on his shirt was?…”Open your..???? Mouth maybe….?? I know naughty me??? chuckle Wishful thinking I guess!!! M-m-m-m- good! heart This is ONE sexy sexy boy! Very cute love him! heart dash which pic,# do you guys like best?…Hard to pick but I like…all But I like 2,4,5&;9 oh okay ill take them ALL…. dash dash

    • Agreed! He is a very sexy cutie!

      I guess Zara’s sale will increase in no time laugh
      I also do hope the words on his shirt says “Open your mouth” chuckle

      Jokes aside, I really like #2&5 too!
      He looks great in every photo in fact joy

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