1st post


Haha hey guys just ignore the girls and you’re left with me. Im 15 from Australia and im excited to meet some new people, so pm me whenever

11 thoughts on “1st post

  1. You must be so lucky to have 3 hot babes or maybe they are lucky to have a hot guy, well anyway I’m sure they must fight over you. If I can only be 15 again with 3 hotties, o boy! I hope you were not offended since I did not ignore the 3 woman , my eyes just kept going to them.

    • H-ha-That’s what I was going to say! What girls? I didn’t even see them My eyes went straight to the hot blonde boy! You look very cute mate! Love to see more too! Like a sexy beach shot of you with nothing on…..I mean nothing but a speedo… chuckle of course! You are hot….more please! yes

  2. Nice to see you – looks like all is well down under! – LOL! You seem to be a nice friendly and popular guy and you look awesome! Hope we will see more pics of you and It would be great to hear from you – so PM anytime.

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