8 thoughts on “At the lake

  1. SEE Babyboy! I told YOU!!… yes Im sure you don’t remember me or what I wrote to you when you first posted on BoB..But I wanted you to show yourself and to see you smile and post full body shots You look even better and you look so thin and sexy! Not that you didn’t in the other shots previously but really you look so thin!( MY TOUNGE IS HANGING OUT RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!) and ill be damned if I wasn’t right about you! Son of gun! You are WAY WAY hot! Those pics are going into “save” and into my collection under “hot boys” chuckle You look so sexy and cute and yes I agree with others, that it brings out the personality which makes you more sexier heart .Great job! These only make me wish I knew you so I could be with you at the lake swimming and talking and looking at you all day! dash inlove heart hug More please!!! Ill be waiting! help

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