24 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXXIV “What is your favorite boy?”

  1. Could not possibly pick one,and risk hurting the other’s feelings..very mean..Hence I’d have to take both ;) Thanks for posting,very good looking young men.

  2. The last five pictures of the same boy is my favorite. He is very HOT !
    #4 is very nice too. Great slim, tan body and a nice package. I love speedos. heart

  3. Very HARD to pick? I like both=They each have certain features both hot…But if I HAD to choose I think I like #1 best..I like lighter haired boys and I love his eyes and everything about him! Very sexy! inlove But I like #2 also he is very sexy too! But ill stick with #1

  4. Funny how ppl favor different boys…for me #1 is #1,a close 10. Perfect in age and looks, but maybe I’m influenced cause he looks like a boy I know and like … wish I could show pictures of him, but scared they’d find their way back to ppl he knows.

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