Boy Bank #7

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Kid with skate board on beach

Btw, I will be out on a camping trip the next week starting this following Saturday. So, I probably wont be able to post or respond to any PM’s sent to me. Just know that I try and read all the comments and get back to the PM’s as soon as I can, and that means next Sunday the 24 (for me). Hope you all enjoy this post, and I will see you all soon. -Graham

12 thoughts on “Boy Bank #7

  1. Boy with the chips and his priceless expression just cracks me up every time! I just love him! Hey, I only ordered a boy! And I got a dog too? And I want to be that boy in back! Last and certainly not least, that’s not a skate board, it’s a table top with wheels! Great selection.

    • I think you are correct I thought that looked like Steele also, and I just posted ten of him a few days ago. Search…….One Hot Hunk Of Steele for his pics..!!!!!

  2. YUP Pic #3 also crack’s me up! Look at that expression! Love him! Pic#6 little cutie looks like hes in trouble..a time out maybe? Id give him a break and take him off punishment for sure! I mean really, How can you punish that angel! To teach him a lesson his punishment would be that I get to hug and kiss him all I want and that I get to buy him whatever he wants and he can do whatever he wants! chuckle He would be the boss! good #8 Id love to be the boy in the back Grab bag city baby! They look like they are enjoying it too! That’s boys!

  3. #7. Oh so cute, right little cutie, just lovely … I love! I want to take that to my lap and I want to scratch this lovely creature. heart hug yes Oh yeah the dog is also very cute. cool drinks

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