Boy meets Girl 1

In the real world, these beauties we love are but 50% of the residents of this planet, and we need the other 50% to keep things going. Fortunately, there’s a tendency of one to like the other, and on occasion the girl is as cute as the boy. This leads to sweetness, playfulness, love, fun , the occasional naughtiness, and often, great pictures.



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17 thoughts on “Boy meets Girl 1

  1. Now that is the true exemplary of Brotherhood to his sister, if ever a dude messes with her cunt in the wrong way worry, she knows how to seek retribution. Big brother teach her right good cool

  2. Cute pics of boys and their sisters obviously…they look so much alike! It can be a good thing for a boy to see the feminine side of things too, after all its usually the sisters and or women(Moms) that will accept a boy that likes other boys faster then the brothers or men (Dads). So I think these pics are cute and they are not too young to say something about…every pic on BoB doesn’t have to be sexualized to comment on….although of course I do like the erotic ones….of course…. chuckle

    • As far as I can tell, this is the only one I have, although I’d love to see the rest. I got it in a mix of mostly girl pics from a mostly girls source, so I really don’t know the true source.

  3. 1,5,6,9,10

    Great series smile

    1. Super cute topless

    5. Alll sooo cuuute…. especially one held up and the cute lil pixie on the left

    6. Both are hottt.. he looks a bit scared…lovvve her lil bikini..
    I’d love to have either mmmm

    9. 3 cuties… the bikini girl has an amazzzzzing body. Wow.
    And lil one in middle is at perfect height to help the bikini girl ;-)

    10. Lololol again funny. But the position he is tied in….omg…omg…yesss

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback. I am in full agreement with both those who, while here for the boys, also find girls attractive, and those who just enjoy the joy of kids and siblings being themselves. I was worried this kind of post wouldn’t be welcome, though, and I’m glad to see that it is, at least by a good number the visitors here. This won’t be an every day post, but I’ve got more to share in the future.

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