13 thoughts on “Stuff I found in some blog

  1. Nice post Pics #1 love the shaggy blonde mop head and nice skinny boy chest lovely nips!! #2 Love the turned up noses and faces of these cute boys perfect age for exploring each other! #3 Is that sexy boy we’ve seen on Bob before! HOT! #6 love the thought of if they are really naked and checking each others junk out…and then they come together closer til they are pressing up on each other OOohh(shivers) heart #7 Love the pits the blonde hair and his serious but sexy look on his face what a dream boy! and last #9 Slurping that popsicle so sensually what a stud boy!!! inlove Love the hair and sexy body!

  2. These are all great pics – different and unusual and even funny – but I got to go with 1 and 8 as my favs – but they are all cool pics – thanks for pics.

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