8 thoughts on “We exist

  1. Milkboy I really love your whole compilation. I had to come back when I had time to let the music load in. I do like the two boys hanging near the top the most. Good music too.

  2. Love boys! 2,3,4,5,6! Cherry boys eyes are sexy blue! The wrestler boys in both pics are bulgingly sexy hot would love to Greco roman with them! Id let them pin me all day…. chuckle

  3. Guys, this song as WeExist by ArcadeFire and it’s “about a gay kid talking to his dad” . I like it because just the feel of it preserves for me a nostalgic childhood-innocence in its pleas.

    The song also plays out with the quote from my last post. It’s the same lyrics used in the song NormalPerson, also by ArcadeFire.

    PS. On a more important note, there are two boys in this compilation wearing red socks !

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