25 thoughts on “Hot shirtless boys

  1. # 1,3,5&9 (last one)…..! his tight lil body!!,,#3&5 hot body but cuter face than 1,,but I like last pic #9 Best! He has a very cute face and hot sexy smoking boy body!!! dash inlove .I can look at that face all day long….and in my dreams! So cute!!!

  2. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or a blurry image, but 2 kinda looks like he has something nasty on that phone.

    As far as hottest, I’d honestly say it depends on who I’d want to just pin down and take of the rest. So I wanna say 3 for the way he looks with his shirt in his mouth instead of completely. And 4 bc of how the camera is and bc of his abs.

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