Playful Pashka!

This boy is a legend, he looks so adorable and yummy!
I believe Sascha has posted some of him last time. There’s even a tag dedicated to him if anyone had forgotten!

I like how he always does chores in undies, and always seem so natural and energetic in front of the camera. Wonder how he looks like now?

NN (563)

NN (663)

NN (791)

NN (724)

Pashka (20)

Pashka (32)

Pashka (206)

Pashka (202)

Pashka (200)

Pashka (198)

24 thoughts on “Playful Pashka!

  1. Pashka is a Beautiful Russian Boy! Very photogenic and charismatic! I wanna hug his little body and kiss him all over!! hug I love the pit shots too,What a flawless smooth body! dash …Love Pashka…..What a doll face! heart

  2. 3rd pic! Saw that several years back, it expresses everything about him. I wonder how old Pashka is now? These are from several years back.

    Thanks, keep them coming.

  3. His dad posted some more recent pics in june-july ;-)
    His dad doesn’t like reposts (which I understand) and already passworded his old albums bc he found pics of Pashka on internet (they are opened again now), so I hope he won’t find that xD

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