ZARA: Beautiful Summertime

Following my previous Zara post:

I found more of the cutie, I believe!
The blonde boy is really cute as well





zara_summer (8)

zara_summer (2)


zara_summer (1)

zara_summer (6)



This was the video for their summer promotion:

Zara Kids Summertime Editorial SS16 by Alberto & Yago Videography

Nothing better than seeing happy kids!

15 thoughts on “ZARA: Beautiful Summertime

  1. That video is so fast, it’s more like subliminal messaging, I think the scene that will get ppl to buy is at the end, involving that girl… bah. Or maybe the jumping boys revealing their tummy for 0.1 seconds?

  2. The little brunette boy just can’t help himself, total unbridled uninhibited laughter! I can hear his voice all the way in Alaska! Our little blonde dude is a little more reserved, but in such a sweet way. Can’t help but love both of them.

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