18 thoughts on “boys in shorts (4).

  1. I,4,7,&8… #1 Roller boy oh how hot ..Does anyone still roller skate? Id roll around with that stud any day!!! inlove #4 I love his little “daisy dukes” shorts…something can definitely pop out of the bottom at any time..ooH baby.. dash #7 Oh little Mickey don’t sit that way..I love your hot little mouse!!! chuckle #8 looking hot baby!!! Id choo=choo that train all the way down the track.. yes #10 Nothing like a hot boy blonde in a uniform at boarding school!! Oh yeah can you imagine what goes on in an all boys boarding school!!.. dash

  2. Favorites are 7 and 8. 7 just looks hot, especially with the shorts, and I love number 8 because of the jeans shorts, (or is it corduroy, I actually can’t tell) either way, I love those kinds of shorts.
    Thanks Dave Boy for the post.

    • You were right about the boy in pic 8. He is wearing jean shorts. You didn’t actually mention the boy in pic 9, (who is wearing corduroy shorts), but I did to try to show the between jean and corduroy. Jean is denim, and corduroy has a velvety look and feel.

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