9 thoughts on “Little Cuties

  1. Mostly I enjoy these boys because they’re cute and fun – they’re too far below my AoA for me to see them any differently, Sometimes, though, I see a handsome little boy with a nice shape and firm torso that makes me think he’ll be a perfect stud when he gets older. #6 fits into that category, Great looking kid.

    • I agree! I mostly see the same thing you are talking about Chad, I see them as future stud boys, Not that they aren’t cute at this age but I don’t get –well…lets say excited! I DO think they are cute and I may (depending on how young they are) see a hint of sexiness but its more of a “cute” and “sweet” kind of affection I have for them..But hey to each his own! yes Im not judging any member for their AoA….That’s their business!! Thanks…Nice post!!!

    • Yeah me too. I have a very broad AoA mostly involving ages 10-21, but I don’t really think of boys as young as the ones in the post in that way. But they are definitely adorable though.

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