19 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Three, That’s why he shouldn’t have worn those long shorts, ruins the tan line. LOL I think we could find something else better to do than watch TV. I have a few suggestions.

  2. Welcome to blog. These are all amazingly great boy pics – thanks and nice job. Just curious but which one of the boys is of you? But continue to post more pics – you do good work.

  3. #1 Cutie! Sometimes a “best friends little brother” is a besty to you?..If the best friend isn’t down for any FUN ??…I have had a great experience with my best friends younger bro! hug After having some fun with my best friend first as far as I know they are unaware of the fun we each had ,Two brothers inlove That was some fun! # 2 Love freckle boy he is so sexy!!! #4 That’s the boy id want the most out of all of these!!! heart #7 a close second along with last on foot boy!! Im starting to “get” the foot thing now! It IS kinda erotic after all! I have always tended to crave the —Lets just say!- lower front parts first (still do) but the feets are a real new thing to me I guess!! Tickle! Tickle!….. chuckle

    • Back off #4 is mine. Lol jk. Unfortunately boy 1 isn’t down for anything either. The last boy I have a semi full set of him maybe I’ll post him…. a lot of people seem to like him.

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