More of Mikhail and Vitaliy! ()…

Some more pics of Russian boy model Mikhail Ditkovski. I think he is 9-years-old now but these are pics taken when he was younger. You can really get lost in this boy’s eyes!….




Ahh his eyes! So dreamy! LOL! …


Finally, here are some more pics of Russian strong boy and gymnast Vitaliy Melnik! He is 13 and has everything working for him! He is so strong, a body that any boy would love to have, beautiful eyes and he is absolutely adorable! He lives somewhere in Voznesensk in the Ukraine. He speaks both Russian and English. This boy is definitely going to be in the Olympics some day! If you know him, tell him that he has a really big fan! LOL!


0jI3W8ai6V4So strong! Beautiful form! ….




Here is a vid of Vitaliy at his best! ….

12 thoughts on “More of Mikhail and Vitaliy! ()…

  1. Oh the eyes on Mikhail!! I oh so love blue eyes and black hair,Its such a rarity! but also so Vitaliy,,Hes a stud! I love light haired boys so much!! Both are super hot !! Okay ill take both!!! At once… chuckle

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