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  1. I’ve been waiting all day to think of something to say about these, but for the life of me they have me captivated in their beauty, and I’m silent! (I know! ME? Right? LOL)

  2. Boy #2 Hot teen boy! I know some here don’t like teens at this age but I have had a lot of fun with past Bf`s/friends with benefits! at this age and who look very close to this boy! Hes hot… inlove #5 a better age but harder to land! Hes a cutie! #7 love his baby blues! So sexy!! #6Blonde baseball boy! Too hot !** Reminder BL`s the Little League World Series is in August! Every hot little leaguer from 11 to 14 will be out in full effect on National television! Just the thought of smelling those sweaty jock straps after a hard played game ! Oh stop! chuckle Lots of cute boys to watch for weeks!

  3. Every one of these boys is pretty. I love boys with long hair. If I lived in ancient Rome or Greece and was forced to take a boy as my lover, I would choose boy # 4. He looks so playful and looks like he would do just about anything I asked. I also love his hair. So, he and I are going back to ancient Greece. We are now lovers!

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