9 thoughts on “Beauty Of Boys

  1. OMG GREEN DAAYYY!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! The boys are cute too. But Green Day are amazing! This is probably one of my favourite videos from this site yet. Green Day AND cute boys! And Green Day.

  2. Loved the boys,Loved your creativity…(did you make this vid?) well if not thanks for posting it! and I liked the music UNTIL I found out it was Green Day….THEY SUCK…Hate `em…Posers anyway! Thanks.

  3. Wow what a video!!! A truly first-class job. In the video comes up all the beauty what the boys have … both front and back. For example, the hockey boy is fine detail for Finns. And then transitions. It is in my opinion a matter of taste … I used some points still picture when I wanted to watch the boy longer. Then there is my favorite topic … music. Green Day is a very good music selection … at least in my opinion. Very good video … more videos like this. good smile

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