Member’s Choice: PAIRS VII

Member’s Choice: PAIRS VII

10 Boy Pairs.

3 Questions:

  1.  Which Pair is the Best Looking?
  2. Which Pair is the Cutest?
  3. Which Pair is the Hottest?   




project-ganymede: “You can practically hear their squeals of laughter! ”








wlcb52: “ Instagram: @nikolajlehmann - ”


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15 thoughts on “Member’s Choice: PAIRS VII

  1. Best looking: #7, the twins because they are soooo handsome. Cutest: #4 the long haired brothers because they appear to be having an intimate moment. Hottest: #1 because the boy on the right has the most delicious looking mouth. Thanks, Jake97. This was fun smile

  2. All of them are hot, cute, and good looking – Iam terrible at making decisions – but if I must then… best looking 2….cutest 4….hottest 1 – that was tough!

  3. Best looking #5 Cutest (best looking and cutest are almost the same thing so its hard to differentiate) but…..Cutest #4 because they have such little faces and long messy hair!! and Hottest #8 because they look like they really want each other!!!!

  4. The pair number 4 is in my opinion everything. I like their long hair and beautiful, cute face. And yet the Hottest. The dark-haired boy looks so much in love that it feels very hot … at least I can get a hot feeling when I look at the boy’s look and his hand above blond boy’s shoulder. yes

    • I’m with you, they seem to answer to all the categories, best looking, cutest, definitely hottest. The others are nice but these two fit all the bills. It looks like he’s blowing in his ear, a second away from a kiss. (5 & 9 aren’t opening, weren’t earlier either)

  5. Best looking #5 (most handsome), cutest #1 (cause I think so), hottest #9 because the way they sit there, the V-sign and the fact that they wear the same shorts makes me think they are really a gay pair smile)~~

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