More Kacy favorites

He’s one of my earliest online crushes. I love his strong, handsome face with adorable overbite and his lovely flat but nicely defined chest.

8612-03 8612-05 8612-08 8612-09 8613-11

What’s not to like here? Sexy Asian boy all oiled up for our viewing pleasure.

8633-29 (2) 8633-36 8633-28


And here’s a couple more of the naturally impish and obliviously sexy kitten from the first Kacy post.


8601-08 8601-04

3 thoughts on “More Kacy favorites

  1. Cute blonde boy…..His buck toothed /overbite does give him a funny kinda quality. His face and hit body make up for it But I am a braces freak so id love to have seen him with a set of shiny silver adorning that pretty smile of his!! Love the last pic of him was he younger then or just a different angle ,anyway he is definitely worthy of a first crush, I get it! He’s cute! Nice post!

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