7 thoughts on “Boys I like

  1. Contrary to popular thoughts on this site SOME others don’t like BL`s and the like either..So IM going to say that I DONT think boy in pic #4 is “disgusting, sad ,stupid or pathetic”…First off id have to say that of course smoking ANYTHING is bad for anyone…but this is just a boy and boys do crazy reckless things, I think all of us can attest to doing “something” that wasn’t agreeable to our parents or peers ! Give the kid a break! Now to me it all depends what hes smoking! laugh Happy smoke…that’s not that bad! Hes a cute looking ginger who may need me to give him a little guidance and may be acting out for attention? yes Hes just a boy! whos”smoking”hot,, chuckle #3 Is a little tummy bot who needs a good belly lick and a bunch of hot kisses on that cute face!!! YUMMY BOY>>> dash

  2. Boy in Picture Number Three is as nice as the flower doubled in back of him. TUFFY WUFFY. The Boy in Picture Number Four is not smoking anything. The picture has his other arm not showing, for one. The smoke is too much, anyway, for a severe toke or some extreme puff or even the south pole exhalating of the most moist hot air. The ‘smoke’ is an add on. I like real smoke boys. smile

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