Boys want to play with boys

Well, here’s another post of pics i think you might like. I don’t remember the origins of the pics, so if I’m posting something that has already been posted, I’m sorry.

And I could use a Little help here, some of you are sending me messages but I don’t know how to answer it, if you could explain that to me, I’d be really thankful.

hope you enjoy, and remember:

Love The Lovers

Like a brazilian song says

We consider fair love in all it forms
image image image image  image image image image image

19 thoughts on “Boys want to play with boys

  1. My favorite is the tenderness in the black and white. But they are ALL wonderful. I saw a couple of boys walk past my house a couple days ago. They were holding hands and stopped for a kiss along the way. It was wonderful to see.

  2. Wow – they are all great pics – it’s tough to pick a fav because there seems to be so many things flowing between each of these beautiful boy couples – but 1 is so touching and 4 and 6 are just plain hot hands down. Thanks for amazing set of pics.

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