15 thoughts on “Mango blond

  1. … unless of course you look like this, then you don’t have to smile to look absolutely incredibly hot and beautiful… but then you are a model, only VERY few people are so lucky to be this handsome (even though its all you see on tv and movies, etc). Moreover, ppl this beautiful get dead tired of ppl hitting on them, so they develop nasty characters to keep others on a distance. Being as handsome as a model AND being nice and friendly is a reeeaaallyy rare thing…

  2. Beautiful, smiling, gorgeous, sexy blonde and blue eyed! Perfect boy body perfect age !… A triple tissue post…. need I say more?…. dash dash dash inlove heart shock hug ..I can you know… good actually it wouldn’t make it past the rules and regulations of BoB… chuckle Its rather risqué ! Ill just say hes sexy! yes

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