24 thoughts on “Selfie of Myself

    • jammy …you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.. Calling yourself “Weird” and “Creepy” is not very nice! no After all YOUR HERE! Maybe you are really creepy and weird….you’ve got a good running start based on your comment! I think if you would have received the proper attention as a child perhaps you wouldn’t have such low self-esteem and would have learned to get along with the other children in a much more of a positive way then to try and belittle and degrade another person because of your own inadequacies and inferior complexes coupled with your rejection reaction flawed mind.Proffesional psychological help is on your horizon wacko

  1. Yeah, though I like to see skin and sexy photo’s, you won’t get happy by posting revealing images of yourself on command ;). Hell, to even take of your shirt you first should feel VERY confident about yourself, so you wouldn’t care if a few people would say they don’t like how you look.

    Also, woluf is right, what makes a person beautiful is their smile, weird but true, if you smile a lot to people you get loads and loads of friends and ppl falling in love with you too

  2. It’s a good photo. It’s different, and you look great. I like the composition of the photo as well. Some thought went into that. Don’t take any notice of all this rubbish about smiling. Do as you feel. You’ll look good whether you smile or not.

  3. Great pic – I definitely like what I see – you are cute! Hope to see more pics of you soon. Thanks for sharing your pic with us and getting the chance to see you and meet you. Welcome to the blog and hope you enjoy it here. And once again, you take an awesome pic.

  4. Hi Rik,
    You’re awesome just as you are. There are a lot of guys here that would love to see you in something close your birthday suit, but you do what you feel comfortable with…..but for goodness sake, don’t get carried away with their flattery to the point you regret something.
    To me you’re simply beautiful. You have a very handsome face and gorgeous eyes – if I was to guess, I’d say you’re between 14-16…..definitely not ‘pre-teen….lol

    I very much look forwar seeing more of you. PM me if you like. good

  5. You are a cute boy! Love to see more of you!!! heart In any fashion! And while I do like your selfie I would agree that a great big smile and seeing what I think I can see a little of…that hot light colored hair! You look GREAT! YOU ARE A HOT BOY!!! inlove

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