40 thoughts on “Some more boys

  1. Love em all too! But #1&2 are sexy #2 has a innocent but sexy look in his eyes! #3 love his tongue out and tight boy body yummy tummy! #5 He is sexy and hot with his blue eyes and hes a young stud too! dash #6 another hot kid and #10 Hes very sexy and smooth,cute face!!! WEW all are wood worthy!!! yes

  2. I thought the first boy was cute…then j saw the second! What a doll! Cool hair, big, gorgeous eyes, adorable face. All wonderful shots! Most were mentioned already….ill just agree. But I do live #2! He’s my #1!

  3. Yup i am still not able to log in so i am done with this site my password keeps regenerating when i go to log in so
    If anyone wants me to pm them sorry
    I can not do it
    Have a good day all

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