15 thoughts on “Boys on camp (2)

  1. Black flag warning for the Mid Atlantic region: Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Temperature into the high 90°’s with 70% humidity>>>Heat index in the triple digits +100°. LIMIT ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES|IF OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES ARE ESSENTIAL, TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS TO LIMIT AND KNOW THE SIGNS OF HEAT STROKE. CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY IF YOU SUSPECT YOU OR ANYONE MAY EXHIBIT SYMPTOMS OF HEAT STROKE.

  2. I love the two boys on separate ropes, that must be a hoot! And Beast, sorry, I was the one that rode the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. It was an accident. But it sure made for a great BBQ.

  3. Never went to camp but it looks like these boys are enjoying it a lot – and it appears no shirts are a requirement – which is good thing because that middle blonde boy in 10 has the most awesome and amazing boy chest – wow! – I could stare at him and his nipples all day!

  4. Pic#10 Love that look on the face of the boy in the middle ! Hes saying “why are taking my picture”!…Hes hot and yes nice chest and tummy!! Also love #2 he IS an amazing sweet scrawny blonde that id love to eat!!

    • He looks (middle boy) more to me like “what chu lookin at” while the little guy to his right looks 4 or 5 weeks preg and straining! I still would love to snuggle with all three….at the same time……whatya think? diablo

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