Hitler Youth and Trump Youth

One in the same! First boy was interviewed recently on TV saying that Obama was a Muslim among other nose dive comments, I found the second in less than 10 seconds on Google Images. I’m sorry if this offends any people who are Trump and/or Hitler supporters.

trump hitler

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57 thoughts on “Hitler Youth and Trump Youth

  1. I find the comment of Hitler and Trump youth comparison hateful and not needed here! this site is for the beauty of boys, not to compare or even suggest political affiliation with any government or political party!!! Both boys have beauty in there own right, lets leave it at that. good

  2. To those that I may have offended with my last comment, I make no apology, it is of my opinion as was the poster and comparison of Nazi-Germany to the U.S. Government or either of their political views, then or today. Please leave your bigotry and hate off this site and the internet, it is as I said my opinion but I think many would agree with that assessment. Boys dressed in uniforms of any kind, swim suits, shorts and socks with or with underpants showing, or in just their underpants, all in a natural setting is what I like and am looking for here. I hope I find that I am not alone in this type of thinking. heart

    • You need only to look at OBAMA and see a hateful person! The worst divisive, race baiting, America hating so called President the USA has EVER had! If you are stupid enough to have drank the kool-aid and want to support him and lying criminal Hillary Cunton be my guest! But this site IS NOT the place for it! You should do a Comparison on Obama and Muslim Islamicc Extremist terrorists youll find Obamas ideology the same as an Islamic Terrorist.

  3. I certainly did not intend to offend any BLs like me. I saw this first kid on TV and thought he was cute. Think link to the Hitler Youth allowed me to show a pic of an eerily similar looking cute boy. The comparison of Trump to Hitler was not only hateful, it was intentional, and in my opinion based on Trump’s words and actions it was completely justifiable.

      • It is politics at it worst all it is is a popularity contest neither hillery or trump should be president niether one can be trusted trump will start a third world war and hillery well look at the name that should tell you hillery clinton wife of bill clinton former president of tjeUSA she will mt be much better
        But it will be hillery as president hand down oh those poor americans

  4. While The blog is mostly for posting/drooling over cute boys, the blogs forum is exactly the sort of place to have this discussion especially considering the inflammatory nature of Trump/his supporters and their opinions on…well everything really..

    On a relevant note, Trumps son Barron has a rather cute butt. laugh

    • No your wrong sunnyboy! this IS NOT the place for this kind of Rhetoric no matter who you like or political affiliation….I personally don’t any Politician’s but I don’t think that spewing fictional (see LIES) opinions about any one candidate is productive nor as I said already Is this the place for it! I want to look at hot young boys not listen a couple ill informed old men argue their hatred for one candidate or another especially when their facts are based on hyperbole and lies.

      • Man, we understood that you’re a typical american backwoodsman who got his knowledge from TV-shows. This is why you try to convince by saying that the opinion of other is wrong. But hey, in the definition of “opinion” is one certain point the most important: your own opinion can’t be wrong, also other people’s opinion is not wrong. It’s possible to discuss and convince in a proffessional conversation, but you’re doing Trump-Style.

        • I don’t like trump but y’all are showing ignorance to how the U.S government works. “Backwoods”? What makes that a supporter of trump? Trump is just a person whos saying all those things to get votes and he’ll have no jurisdiction on many things, like homicide, he is and will be a resident, pRESIDENT

  5. Fail to get it. mr. BoyingBoying writes that the first boy said something on tv … who this boy is mr. BoyingBoying gives no clue. mr. BoyingBoying gives no explanation of the second photo source nor purpose. Can figure his intending. mr. BoyingBoying says he will give us hottie Baron Trump. I figure mr. BoyingBoying is setting us up. ha ha ha Fun.

    • Wait what?! Not sure if you have bad grammar or are not an English speaker. Both boys were posted together above to show that even the good looking and cute can be taken in by Fascist ideologies and dangerous racist demigods. And no, I will submit Baron Trump pics tomorrow.

  6. Hey man you don’t decide what we can comment. You don’t decide if that isn’t the site for political issues. Calm down and learn how to control your anger, you’re going to be like Trump dude.

    • Hey Man….. ( and I use the term loosely )I never said “I was the one who decides what “we” can comment on”! As a frequent user of BOB I have every right to voice my opinion and if you don’t like it that’s tuff! If you had half the brain and comprehension skills of a third grader you would have read what I wrote and I stick by it! Just like you have the right to want political issues on BOB .I have the right not too. I think YOU should calm down DUDE ! Im not angry at all, as you seem to be , you’re acting just like Obama now- a dictator who cries when he doesn’t get his way! Be assured that your unsolicited advice shall be completely ignored. boredom

    • I am liberal but i tell like it is
      I am glad i do not live in the usa
      Cops killing black people killing gays
      And others killing cops
      It is a sad situation there right now 100s of thousands be killing over nothing

  7. Hitler trump whats the difference hitler is aans was communist and trump is a racist communist
    Nither one are my heros
    Anti trump that me and i do even live in the USA

  8. Well that escalated quickly. To boyaddicked as I said in my original post I am sorry if I offend any people who are Trump and/or Hitler supporters. Im am not ignorant nor did I grow up in a trailer park. I am a college graduate registered democrat. The world IS on fire like Trump claims tho. Blacks and cops killing each other, Russia invading Eastern Europe, the South China Sea, and the effects of global warming becoming painfully real everyday. Now yes Hillary is awful and yes Obama has not done the job to my liking but it is not time to elect a Tangerine mental patient to the most important job in the free world. He is (backed up with video evidence) a sexist, xenophobic, arrogant failed businessman who has declared bankruptcy 4 times, thrice married, thin skinned, small handed, dangerous and delusional nut job.
    The post featured boys and i feel if we do not discuss this topic here or anywhere that we are complacent to Trump’s rise to tyranny.
    Lastly, i stand with boyaddicked on our mutual love of boys. But are you really a gay conservative boy lover? Geez i thought i was in a fringe minority. You support the party that wants to degrade and persecute you? That’s really conflicted i wish you luck in that department. My mama always told me that it was simple, democrats want to help people and Republicans dont. Republicans want to cut welfare and education spending, give everyone an AK47, build the military up and get kick backs from it, jail minorities, prevent minorities from voting, make pornography illegal (a new one), make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest, cap the minimum wage, charge more for tuition, and tax the poor not the rich. Dems want the opposite on each issue.
    You are entitled to your opinion but i will not stand idly by while you hate vote a man that I sincerely feel will be or last president.

  9. Hey it is freedom of speech people say what they think and have that right
    I am not an american and i hate trump and do not trust hillery
    Thw sad news is hilery clinton will be the next united states president and may i add the first female president of the united states
    Those poor american i feel for them but happy because the dictator and comunnist racist pansy donald trump wont be

    • Donald trump would turn the usa in to a second world war germany
      A divide country and declare war on all muslims and any country that is a threat to him lile russia france germany england
      Trust nobody wants trump or hitler or hillory running a country
      It would be a total disaster for tje rest of the word

    • The USA need to get rid of there right to bare arms and the right to carry
      A gun in public
      Then and and only then would it be a safe place to be until that happens 100s of thousands more people will be killed because of there own stupidiy

  10. Look putting trumps name or hitlers name on here everyone know it would start a big blow out
    Where i am from trump is the.most hated man and will never be welcome in my country hillory she is questionable everyonw is up in the air about her but trump you sau his nme you will chased out of my country and never allow back

  11. I NEVER said I am a Conservative.A Liberal, A Democrat, or a Republican! Never! I can dislike the lies of Hillary and Obama without wanting Trump…But I stand by what I said also! Lies and hyperbole aren’t the way to pick any candidates! What I said was that it IS offensive to ANYONE with ANY knowledge of past war crimes and mass genocide to compare Trump to Hitler! This kind of ideology shows that the subscriber to this kind of thinking is an Anti-Semite and Hateful! Again it trivializes the Holocaust, You claim to be educated yet seem lack basic common sense when it comes to believing lies put out by a left wing main stream media who panders to the uninformed and race baiting left, You seem to think and acknowledge that “the world is on fire”! So make up your mind? Is Trump right or wrong? Im not talking about sound bites from the opposition. You seem to pick apart a mans resume yet seem to have forgotten ALL of the things that the Democrats (ie Hillary,Bill ,Obama) do. Hillary is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths in Benghazi,for LYING about her E-mails and calling women that were raped by her crooked, Lying (see “i did not have sex with that women”) floozies! She is a lying,cheating crook! I can go on and on on ALL of the Politicians of today!Obama and Clinton are the definitions you ascribed to Trump..Obama and Clinton are : Dangerous ,delusional nut jobs!As far as discussing it here EVERYONE seems to think I am trying to stifle free speech and others opinions IM NOT! You seem to think that its your place as a member of BOB to enlighten our minds with a stupid irresponsible comment comparing Trump to Hitler so as not to be complacent to the rise of Trumps tyranny (you are such a drama queen) chuckle There are better places to discuss politics then here! But now you can feel good about yourself that you had your glorious 15 minutes of fame or I would call it SHAME! Sorry to your Mom but your Mommas view of Democrats and Republicans is skewered and antiquated Yes IF you really understand political history (and not what you hear from left wing CNN and sound bites from the opposition) You’ll know that YES (mom was right in her analogies ) 50 or 60 YEARS AGO….. Dems used to be for the blue collar working class and Repubs were geared towards the more affluent BUT NOT ANYMORE… Does Hillary LOOK poor to you? She and Willy have ripped off more money than Bonnie and Clyde! As you don’t want to stand by and listen to me “hate vote…” I cant stand by and let you really think that any knowledgeable ,reasonable ,educated, open minded person could believe the hype and misinformation that you spew! Your facts are based on repeated lies and your buying into them. I AM entitled to my opinion,your right and you to yours…Once again I stick by my first assertion ! That THIS was not the forum for YOUR hate filled Hitler to Trump comparisons!

      • I wouldn’t say more beautyview youll be labeled a Racist Nazi! I know there are others who are offended by boyingboyings outlandish and inappropriate post but are too afraid or unwilling to say so…not me! This post should never have been posted in the first place! Its hateful and offensive.

    • I stand by the comparison and that BoB is an ok place for it. If you’re not a Nazi or Trump supporter why are you sooooo wildly offended? Why do you feel it necessary to type out something that long? Nobody is gonna read it, i sure didnt feel the need to. If only one thing you’ve done on this post is to prove how insane you are. If i had known that i wouldn’t have wasted a breath on you.

      All you comments have been reported. Thanks for playing. Unsubscribed and Game Over.

        • I have friends who had family in the Holocaust who I’m close to so I have a right to upset about it. Just let them have peace and not, I don’t know, say ignorant things and totally devaluing what really happened over something that’s impossible because of democracy and how the U.S government works. That’s why I’m upset.

  12. If you do not care then why must you feel the need to respond to every little thing I said? Touch a nerve did I? laugh Oh yeah IM INSANE…. Your the nut job that compared Trump to Hitler and cannot deal with the fact that someone may not feel the same as you. Just like a feeble minded spoiled child who doesn’t get his way you take your ball and run home chuckle and ALL YOUR COMMENTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED too !

  13. Again, what does Trump have to do with Hitler as you, “boyingboying” seem to imply. Read history, relive the Hitler years and you will know what horror is all about. Nothing like that I see in Trump in comparison. The majority has absolutely no clue about world events past their own nose….

  14. By saying those things what are you planning to accomplish? Calling people racist while being racist yourself? They are probably just ignorant of the subject at hand and the effects it can have, like every human, I do not blame them but I am tired of coming to look at pictures and seeing a bunch of people arguing.

  15. The forum is the place to have these sort of discussions really,all this shouting is point less,just stick to admiring the beauty of boys on the members blog please.

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