Killian, the boy God 3

Mother Nature was extremely generous, when creating this divine beauty. Killian is simply the boy God, there´s no doubt about it.Killian 99999995Killian 99999996

Cute face

Killian 99999998

Beautiful smile

Killian 99999999Killian 999999991

Detail of perfection

Killian 999999992

Sunbathing Killian. Love the fuzz on his arms and that little fuzz on his back smile.

Killian 999999993Killian 999999995

There are moments, when you want to be a horse…

Killian 999999994

And to finish this set with a look at his beautiful figure. If Michelangelo Buonarotti was alive today, he wouldn´t make a sculpture of David, he would make a sculpture of Killian.

Killian 999999996

Beautiful, more beautiful, the most beautiful, Killian. He is the definition of beauty. You simply must love him.

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  1. Cardiologist has cautioned that looking at Killian may cause erratic heart rhythms, palpitations, flutters and elevated blood pressure, view at your own risk.

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