14 thoughts on “Boys With Tattoos 2

  1. i have tattoos myself but i got them wen i was 16 then its legal with agrement of my parents of cours but this guys are to young to have tattoos its my opinion nice boys but i dont like it wen they do it at such a young age

  2. Don’t any of you guys understand that these kids are wearing temporary tattoos? They are not real. They come off after a few days to a week!! Kids find them fun to wear for a while. You all need to get over yourselves!

  3. Best way to get close to boys like this is YouTube!
    They have loads of there own blogs and getting half naked a lot hehe
    Befriend them to the point you can get them to chat private in a messaging app …it works smile

  4. La fotos de los niños son muy lindas aparte cada niño tiene su forma.de ser me gustan la calidad de las fotos sólo que no me gustan los tatuajes lo demás te felicito . Publica más fotos . De niños pero sin tatuajes sigue así tu material es bueno

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