Dennis and his beautiful body

In a post I read today, someone mentioned that the boys he was posting were those who got “caught in his grate”. That got me thinking. We don’t know these boys in any way, so it’s not really these boys  who get caught in our grates – it’s their images – their beautiful sexy bodies and the openness and sensuality of their pose and dress. Of course, it’s our fantasy, so we can embellish them with whatever characteristics we’d like to see in them – sweetness, playfulness, naughtiness, submissiveness, whatever we need.

Dennis is a perfect example of this for me. You get what might be glimpses of his personality here and there, but mostly you see his strong face, thin neck, sweet flat chest and amazing torso. His body. He’s the stuff of my dreams and my self-pleasuring. Sometimes I’d think, “how’d awesome it’d be to know him in real life”, but what if he didn’t fit my fantasy? Would gazing at his body be enough, and would I even have a chance to? He doesn’t go around all day like this. Well, in my fantasy he does. ;-)

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14 thoughts on “Dennis and his beautiful body

    • That’s a real turn-on for me, too. Not just because he’s got a great body and I love seeing it, but because it shows a lot of self-confidence and self-acceptance of his body ,which is very sexy in a boy. When he looks this good and is OK with going shirtless in public and in front of other people (there’s a series of him going around town with just a backpack and nothing else on his torso), it’s even more of a turn-on, knowing that whether he knows it or not, there are people like you and me vicariously enjoying him.

      • I love boys with confidence it makes them even hotter. The same thing goes with guys around my age too when I see a shirtless boy or teen who’s confident about his looks I can’t help but do double takes a lot.

        • Take your favorite boy, model or not, and put him in a photo studio wearing nothing but speedos. Nice, right? Now put him at the pool or beach. Even nicer – he’s showing his body off in front of others, but in a place where pretty much everyone is. Put him at a concert, ballgame, walking down the street or hanging around the neighborhood with friends, and WOW! that’s hot! That’s how sexy it is to be self-confident, proud of your body, and willing to show it off.

  1. Chad Yes I too can see exactly what you are seeing too! He is a stunner I really like this kid! dash He reminds me of a recent boy that I was involved with laugh This boy is amazingly sexy and has a very cute face,sexy pretty eyes and one hot smoking body..and I too love when a boy goes shirtless or whatever -less and feels so secure with their bodies…and id bet you 10 to 1 that HE KNOWS that others enjoy it….These boys are NOT stupid at all they know sexuality and the art of sex appeal…Hes one hot stud! Anymore pics coming? Thanks nice post..cant wait for more of him!!!..P.S. were did you find these??

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