13 thoughts on “I just love a pretty face

        • I just wanted him to know that people do care about him with the problems he has been having on here. And if you want to get technical. No one should be posting any pictures without getting the subjects permission first. But i dont want to turn this into an argument. If he has a problem with it, then i will apologies to him directly.

    • Pic has already been posted? I don’t see a problem with re-posting an already posted picture?.. no ..I don’t think any “special” permission is required,after all once a pic is submitted its fair game,and I don’t see how its so “weird” at all + I don’t think QQ minds at all.I like him hes a good boy! And awfully freakin hot ta boot! dash Its good that you think hes “sort of your friend”…but I think hes a big boy and can speak for himself good Anyway I like pic #3 the best hes so so hot!! and QQ you are just as hot too sweetie..

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