14 thoughts on “Midweek treats

  1. Numbers 6 and 9 are perfect. I wouldn’t change them in any way. One is long, lithe, scantily clad and posed beautifully for showing off his amazing body. The other is thin, fit and perfectly proportioned. Beautiful! Thanks!

  2. Pic # 2 Boy on the left in baby blue shorts !! UUuugghh! What a sweet piece! heart #3 look at that sexy face! Yummy! #6 Oh my scrawny blonde dream boy!! I want you! inlove #10 last pic , I was like “hey MY mattress didn’t come with that accessory”!! laugh And #9 come on guys be honest: Survey >>* How many of you enlarged the pic as to try and see up those undies?…C`mon don’t lie!! chuckle I did! Oh how I wish……….. dash

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