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  1. It’s really more like an art exhibition, a gallery of the same very well posed boy. I like the prism across closed eyes the most. However, my only critique is that to make him also human instead of a mannequin model, it would be nice to see a real emotion in that beautiful face. A smile would be nice, but anything besides placid would do.

    • I was trying to hold my breath and stay still. Didn’t work. Then Dad used his stop motion camera and speedy camera. We did it for a project I want to do. My GSA in school asked me to do some ads for them to get more members but my Dad wanted control of my images and he suggested he do it himself. This is that.
      It’s really hot here and this is about me cooling off (Its 42 degrees) and dreaming about having a boyfriend. The prism you talked about was an accident. It came from my goggles floating on top of the water and the light going through them. We used these speedos and shorts that provided by Aber… (you know who) and then decided not to. They might charge us for showing a brand name without permission. The tattoo is fake and the boy with my is my next door neighbor, Chris. I’ve talked about him on here before. Dad removed the speedo pics. He said he didn’t want me to look salacious??? If that is the right word. Meaning advertizing bold sex?

      • As an artist some of the best work is what we call by “happy accident”. A friend did a wonderful clay pot, fired it up in the kiln, but something went wrong with the glaze. It came out all blistered. Those popped to make craters. I traded some of my art work for his. I called it my “Moon Pot”. He let me display, under his name, and it won several awards for ingenuity and artist endeavor. He was going to throw it away as a mistake. That rainbow prism on your face is like that. I might also suggest that if you put the pictures in a different order it could tell a whole story? He falls asleep then? Just a thought. As in was it really a dream or not? Dave

        • Thanks for the encouraging words. Actually, they were in an order to tell a story. But when I uploaded them it seems to have got places in a different order. Nevertheless, BOBs seems to have discovered some of that order when it showed up. I submitted the rest of the story photos and we are waiting for them to show.

      • Adorable photos! Your vocabulary is spot on good ! Good for Dad protect your privacy which should never be exploited for the virtual world to gawk at and child sex predators to seek out. If ever anyone pm you, ask you where live, NEVER ANSWER. They can go screw themselves silly for all we care. dash

        • I’ve been on here since I came out to my parents. Long ago I originally posted Dad’s Rule. The rule is that I can post here, if, and only if I never send or received PMs back and forth. I can reply to PMs on the public boards. The guys that know me here have been really respectful. No one has approached me this year.
          Really I’m ruled by my heart and my heart like boys my age who look like me. I go to a private school on the island so my grammar better be spot on or I will hear of it. I was born in Denmark. I went to a Dansk school until the 4th year and then to a British day school.

        • Thanks for the 411 on Sasha. He’s is a nice guy. I too speak German, as well as Danish and English. I try to keep all conversations in English. Though it is a harder language to speak… do as the Romans do to avoid the pugio.
          Just so you all know, this was my first time posting pictures of me and my brother. I botched it up the first time, I believe. I will repost later. And, oh, I did get permission first. My Dad worked with me one the series that were originally mean for school, not here. Both sets tell a story. The first set is on “a warm summer day”. The second set, a more mature subject, is about a boy having a daydream about what he really wants from his neighbor next door, a relationship, and at the close of the day, they have literally had a meeting of the minds. I’m taking the series and making a video. I just need to find the right open use music. If you all have suggestions I would be happy to use them.
          My father is a volcanologist. But I tell him his true talent is photography. He’s really brilliant.

  2. lovely boy an great photographer inlove I am sure there are some more sets of that boy. he and his brother are so beautiful and tender boys inlove . Thanks for sharing that set i did never see it. penguin

    • Did you get the second half of the set labels “Perchance to Dream 2” ? The goal was to tell a story about two boys in love without showing sexual behaviour. There is 10 in the second set as well.

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