Cute Janek/Tristam?

This boy is such a sweet cutie angel!

But does anyone know his actual name?

There’s a post of him on this blog calling him ‘Janek‘, but I have seen other pics of him under the name ‘Tristam‘ and some ‘Tristan‘.

So what is his name exactly? Would really love to know! Thanks in advance!

Also, are there anymore sets of him? I would love to see them! He has a really nice body and smile.

imgsrc.ru_14106930AII image-721 imgsrc.ru_14106917GMO imgsrc.ru_14106916Wxh imgsrc.ru_14106906HoM imgsrc.ru_14106912DWN imgsrc.ru_14106929QUR imgsrc.ru_14106932eBx imgsrc.ru_32914205vDQ imgsrc.ru_32914202RwJ

7 thoughts on “Cute Janek/Tristam?

  1. OMG what a beautiful looking boy!! heart inlove dash again I know hes “supposed” to be younger than my usual AoA for sexiness! Rather then just as a cute boy, BUT Uh-Oh no I find myself taken in by his alluring beauty! What a hot sexy looking boy!! I wouldn’t say NO to him! Any real boylover could not say this kid isn’t sexy!! Hes HOT!!! The first pic in the set made me change my mind! He is one hot sexy looking boy! Love Him!!! hug inlove Nice taste in boys! Nice post! Anymore of this heart throb?????? heart heart

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