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    • Mr. Kasper,
      I know that you’re staff. I’m not allowed to write private messages. So I want to tell you that I think Mr. Beast can lay off a little. Be less mean, you know? I’m just a little Earthling.
      Also, I want to apologize. I said some things to him in Danish that were really mean too. Get backs. Won’t happen again. Please don’t ban me.

    • I may share more of my work, but now I have mates asking if they can join. I have 4 guys that asking to get involved. I intend to get one of them naked. laugh Just kidding. No, but seriously, I’m doing my midterm photoessay due in December. They have to be good compositions with well-formulated storyboard themes. Mine is The Odyssey. I’m using my neighbour. He’s a cute red head. The story is going to be about sowing your oats and coming home. I probably won’t be in much of my work for a while. It’s just too much work.

  1. I’m sorry I really messed up on slides 19, 20, & 21. I’m resubmitting those slides for you all.

    Your comments really make me feel like this is what I am good at, not studying AP Government/Pre-Law like my Dad wants. Chris and I loved doing this project. We loved modeling for the camera, setting up the landscape (the pool decks), and actually taking the 600+ photos just to edit them down to these 21 best that set a theme of love. We fought the two months of editing and photo adjustments on my iMac. We wanted to show hope, passion, seduction, yearning, peace and love while we worked each shot. We wanted to show the world that boys can be in love in a whimsically passionate sexy way, while still displaying good taste all the while. This was our hope and I think we achieved it. You all were the first who have seen these this story….this photo essay.

    And yes, we are real boyfriends. All of you who know me, know my sometimes obstinate opinions, know that I am really strongly against child abuse. I don’t believe that we will ever solve the problems of child abuse by imprisoning violators of the law and outright condemning and vilifying all men who love boys. We need to embrace a dialogue through continuous discussion, debate, music, theatre and art. When we realise that in facing our differences we will actually forge a bond of understanding and respect on both sides of the debate.
    No one was abused in this project, except my patience waiting for Chris to stop giggling during shots. Mum supplied the Gatorade. Pa gave me technical prop advice and suggested the sprinkler to create fantasy. Dad bought me the camera a year ago and the new lens for this project. Mrs. Davis let us go nude in her back yard (no we didn’t use those shots) and his Dad talked to us about the psychology of the story line (He’s a doctor shrink).

    We are going to submit this to the national photo essay contest for the Smithsonian in October for the 2017-2018 season. Keep praising me, please. But also tell me ways you would have done it differently. We could use ideas for next year. We are surfing for the rest of the summer holiday. See you at the break. And one other thing… Before you go to work today remember to hug your kid. He’s lonely.

  2. My only wish is that BoB would repost this essay, all 21 shots provided in order. The story really comes out well that way. I have them in my portfolio like that and we got a positive editorial reviews. Wouldn’t it be cool to publish these in Scouting Today or BSA Quartley?

  3. I was going to leave it alone, but as time wears on it pisses me off more and more. Florida thank you for the photos, no thank you for the self aggrandizement and moralizing crap on the blog post. Please save your opinions and self promotion for the forum.

    • Mr. Beast, stoppe med at være en gammel hadefulde codger der har noget bedre at gøre end rive ned børn. Måske er du bare ikke vant til børn længere, og ved ikke, hvordan vi taler. Måske ingen kid ønsker at komme omkring dig længere. Gem dine $ 100 ord til dig selv. Hvis du ikke kan lide mine poster, springe dem. Men det er mig. Tag det eller lade være. Jeg er ikke at ændre mit liv for nogle gamle rynket udtørret hadefulde sveske, der har brug for at råbe på et barn at gøre sig det bedre. Forstået? Der findes ikke dårlig vejr, kun dårlig påklædning.

      • Florida I would love to reply, but you have chosen to reply in some language I do not know, another need to aggrandize yourself? You conveniently do not PM so we have to do this dance out here in public, sorry guys but I am tried of the bull shit. Most of us would be very content to just allow others to comment on our posts. Most of us would have the common courtesy to replied in a language in which we were addressed, I guess you were overwhelmed by your need to show how special you are. rtfm

        • I want you to understand something. I wrote in my language becasue I wanted to see if you would take the effort to try to translate it. I wrote in Danish because it’s a lot easier than English. I wrote in Danish because I was so apeing mad at you that I wanted to say nasty hurtful things to you so that you would hurt like I was hurt.

          But don’t translate it. Let’s start over by me saying I am sorry. I am sorry it appears to you like I am patting myself constantly on the back. I wasn’t. I was just explaining the process. I was thanking the people that help me. Do I like to be praised? Oh hell yes! I rarely get it. But I don’t need anyone to try and crush my spirits for being myself. I’m just a kid. Not too clever. But now I’ve got friends to play with all because I do weird stuff with my camera in my backyard. Now guys want to surf with me and be my guinea pig for a while.

          I’m sorry I offended you. I’m sorry I called you a worn out old coot that gets no happiness but when he is demoralising a school kid. I shouldn’t have said those kind of things to an adult. But you hurt my feelings and it wasn’t cool. I BROKE MY BOBBLE-HEAD becasue of you. So let’s start over.

          Hi. I’m Justin. These are my pictures I make. Judge them on their own merit and tell me if you have any other ideas I might try. I’d be happy to give it a go.

          • * FIRST OFF>> I’m NOT taking sides and I don’t know or have any beef with BEAST so this is NOT directed to him*) I know I replied to you yesterday already but I came back to your new post and went backwards to see you profile and then to see the “comments” to find out what the deal was? and if you and beast made any progress…AWW hell why lie,,I like a good fight! and am not one to back down from any perceived bullies! + I win…. yes and I have had my share of scraps on BoB with a few less then savory characters who may seem a bit addle brained ……First off although IF you are a kid or not you have to realize and start NOW ! There are ALWAYS going to be people who “crush your spirits” and your dreams and who DONT LIKE YOU and try to demoralize you etc etc..None of us like it! But that’s a cold hard fact of life your just going to have to deal with! now, HOW you deal is another thing! If I would have let every nay sayer and adversary crush me ,I wouldn’t be here today! You can use their negativity as a motivator to push forward and do YOU! not do THEM, Pick a path and stick to it if that’s in your sweet little heart heart I feel for you and hear you when you say that you rarely get that much praise,Why I don’t have a clue , I’m praising you! That’s one down huh? Also as far as you being a kid and having sorrow for speaking to an adult the way you say you feel sorry for Huh that shows you were brought up with some degree of manners but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to say what you feel An adult has no more of a freedom of speech then a minor does,,being a kid doesn’t mean you have to be subservient to all adults,also I do give you credit on apologizing too! It takes a lot of balls to do so even if you were hot =under the collar at the time and lost your temper and said things in anger and now regret them,besisdes I thought they were f`in funny!!! laugh ( but I am jealous that your posted rant made it without being kicked and my German cuss laden rant got booted? guess they don’t understand much Danish! lol) Keep your chin up and know you have at least one friend you don’t know at all (ME) backing you up…that is until you piss me off chuckle LOL just kidding! P.S. Take it easy on your bobble-heads They might be worth thousands some day boy!! smile

  4. 3901florida..Nice work……I really appreciate your effort and can relate to your artistic endeavors They are alot like I have in my mind and wish I had more of an outlet or friend like you perhaps to share my passion for photography and my love of boys and incorporate the two in a non pornographic yet sensual/sexual way! I have so so many ideas and things in my head that I can explode at times,I see things and say id like to do it this way, or that way but unfortunately don’t have the outlet or medium at this time to pursue my endeavors. I’m lookin forward to your next set and will look out for them in future publications like the Smithsonian etc, Maybe someday we can communicate and get to know each other for the sole purpose of putting our minds together collectively and constructively to collaborate on future projects dear to our hearts? heart I really have loads of ideas! Thanks and keep up the great artistic work! yes

    • I know what you mean, like having a thousand ideas going on all at once. I’m the same way. That’s why I write post-it notes and put them all over my walls in my room. I have ADHD. I take Adderall XR 30 mg. Helps a lot in the “making-me-human-department”. Without it, I can’t sit still or concentrate.

      I can see that from Mr. Beast that a lot of people think that I am bullshit, hokey, self-aggrandising and stuff by what I say. But this is the real me. I’m happy to toot my own horn because no one is going to do it for me. If I sound like fake that’s because I thank people for helping me and my friends its because I love them all and I like to play with them doing this kind of stuff.

      Boyaddicked, I don’t know you. But you seem nice. I think you can do anything you want to. You just need to put one foot in front of the other. That’s what I do. This is all playing around. In the beginning, I was the weird quiet gay kid running around everywhere in the neighbourhood taking photos of plants, steps, people…the dog…everything. Since my stuff was displayed in the mall I’m (all of a sudden) the cool surfer kid with a camera and a lot of energy.

      My dad gave me that camera so I might just learn something about the world. I did. What I learned was there are a lot of nice people out there.

    • Thanks, Sid. I’m glad you liked them. What did you like about them especially?
      I don’t mean to be a self-aggrandising asshole. I will try not to burn my own flame brighter in the future.

  5. Once again, they are very artistic and impressionistic, and there are some very delicate, subtle moods and textures emerging in the composition. Although your dad has fine photographic skills, I think that your own creativity has also had a lot to do with the final results. I can fully appreciate the amount of effort and thought, etc., that goes into doing something creative, because I do it myself, although not in photography. It can be fun, but I know that it can also be very frustrating at times as well.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about finding ways to improve. Just allow your artistic temperament to develop so that you continue to find your voice, so to speak. Anyway, you’re never done with improving.
    Good luck with the photo essay contest in October!

    • Thanks…I’ll do that.
      Oh, and by the way. It’s me setting up the shots and making the choices. Dad just pushed the nob when I asked. It’s hard being in the shot and taking the shot. Me mates also helped.

  6. Justin you are what is called in the psychological community A professional Victim. You now play your victim card talking about how hurt you are and how angry, well, I hate to say it but you’ve chosen to play with the big boys—so grow up. I wrote you an PM so this would be between us, man to man, and not be public. You chose to play little boy and call me names, and so show yourself for the immature spoiled brat you are, no matter how old.
    I in no way denigrated your art, if you even did it. If you are even 14, and I am not the only person on this blog who wonders. You do not seem to be able to over come your ego and deal with facts and issues. I feel sorry for you.
    Stop calling names and acting like an 8 year old on the play ground. If you chose to talk about pedophiles and make generalizations which continue and propagate the hatred and bigotry which hurts both BLs and minor males I shall call your shit every time, get over yourself, move on.

  7. Why do you keep fueling the fire? I do not want to persecute you. I did not say that you criticised my art poorly. I am not against you. I mere say “fight for the protection of kids. Don’t bother us while we are kids. Wait for us. If you love kids like you say you do, you can wait for us to grow up.” Don’t you want that?

    And stop all the little boy speech about me being or playing the victim. I am no longer. But, I know what it feels like to get hurt by a man like you. Perhaps if he would have waited I would feel different towards all men. Idk. Is the only way for you to feel you’ve won this “what do you want to call it?” is if you make me go away? Well, I am not going to. Nor am I going to lower myself to rule violation speech. I think that there are good people and bad. Right now you are just annoying. But you saying having sex with a little kid is okay of he consents, and that idea makes you something else. I don’t have to make you into a monster. Your own speech brings your character into question. If I saw you near my little brother or sister I would call my Dad or point you down the road myself.

    I think the problem you have is that I’m not a kid that you can bowl over, or convince. I think the reason you keep writing me is that you’re thrilled talking to a boy and it excites you. But I’m a kid with a brain, taught to think critically. You just can’t tell me something and I will take it as fact. As for being a kid. So what. I am becoming a good man. I could be age 10 and still debate circles around you without lowering myself to the like of your comments and statement: “I think you like playing the victim.” Or, “If you are even 14, and I am not the only person on this blog who wonders,” or “You do not seem to be able to overcome your ego….” You say “stop name calling” well stop writing me and let us agree to disagree. I won’t write you from this point. Justin.

  8. BoB members…….I Don’t Know? Is this little feud better then the “Hitler Youth and Trump” debate?…LOL LOL LOL………. that I partook in ? help I mean it can be as big as the POW contest huh?…… Oh calm the F*%K down I’m just trying to inject some humor into this debacle…….Levity at the most inappropriate times is my specialty! yes Thank You, Thank You I LOVE YOU ALL! heart laugh

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