8 thoughts on “Some ladies 3

  1. Boys dressed up as girls on parade? Where do I go to see that? That would be fun! That second to the last one, dead center, really packing tissues! And the two in tutu’s? Riot!

  2. Agree^^^^ I like my boys to be …..well?….Boys! Its fun and all that yeah but I like boys because they look like..Boys! But id like to play with #8 he looks like a cute girly boy… chuckle

  3. Yes I agree, I prefer boys that look like boys, what ever that is, LOL, but this is fun to see. I like it most when they can’t escape their own boy look, even dressed as a little girl. Besides, don’t boys have some of the dullest clothes? Well, compared to the “other” gender.

  4. All these crossdresser boys are beautiful as are all my boys who dance dressed in tutus and are proud models at get togethers and dance parties…they are a big hit and get a great ovation showing their beauty..quite a sight..will post later

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