17 thoughts on “Something for a weekend

  1. #9 Is a hot Russian boy( whom lives in the USA) that goes by Joutchov on YouTube…you can see him is you enter :” 14 year old body builder progress video” You will definitely blow a load if you watch it! He is 14 sitting on his bed in his room and is describing what he looked like before working out ,He has his shirt on and then proceeds to take it off and show us his six packed abs and sexy boy skin and how he flexes! He looks so cute @14 and has killer braces on! Ive watched it (a lot!!) and needed a few tissues along the way! chuckle Hes a doll!

    • There is a 14 year old Czech boy on Youtube. The muscle we are never permitted to see is clearly visible – albeit covered by a thin layer of cloth. Tissues needed.

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