Absolute Muscle

The 12th part will be the Strongest one. Which boy would u like to work out with?

( OBS I am going on vacation so I will take 1 week pause. Next part will be presented the 9th of August ) CYA Cuties ;)

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17 thoughts on “Absolute Muscle

  1. All are hot, I like pic#3 because it shows two different boy bodies/sizes! While big boy is tight, I prefer the sweet tight younger boy on the left! great scrawny yet firm body! their packages were photo shopped though! but that’s okay I’m sure they are yummy without the enhancements too! 4,5,6,7 all very hot !!! dash

  2. #1 football player hunk remindz me of crush on schoolmate i had starting n 6th grade n2 hi skool & im still sprhung over that mirage 40 yearz later on that kid swimmer, diver, popwarner football hero that ALL the pretty girliez liked as i secretly worshipped him, #3, 5, 6 & 8 tag team on greedy me pleaze = heartthrob 6 is perfect n every way 4 any menu = i have a different pic of him sumwhere already so i will match them eventually, maybe soon. penguin

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