31 thoughts on “Are They Hot !

  1. The guy in Picture Number THREE is a Pure Perfect Instant Love. inlove joy The guys in Pictures Numbering FOUR and FIVE are Instant Loves. inlove
    The guys in Pictures Numbering ONE and TWO are pure wow’s. yes heart
    This is a PERFECT POST.
    The guy in Picture Number THREE has a few other pictures of him which others alter for no good reason and post them. Glad to see a straight post of him for real.
    THANK YOU jeanette ! ! ! You are a devil … diablochuckle

  2. #3 is an all-time favorite. I’ve only seen a handful of shots of him – but his body is so perfectly developed while still being very thin and not overly muscular. {Probably the best non-photoshopped taper to a boy’s torso I’ve ever seen.) There’s a photo of him at this same event wearing the same speedo, shot from the side. His package points the way and his chest is a like a board that was bolted on to the top of his torso – amazing body.

  3. Its #4 for me hes amazingly cute and has the body I love! inlove # 1 a boy ive seen here on BoB very cute! Of course big bone boy at the end is hot! Nice package standing at attention!! Yummy!

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