8 thoughts on “Boy at the faire

  1. Don’t you love running into a wonderful young man like this when you’re out a public events. No matter what it is I go to, people watching is one of my favorite activities, and kids are my most favorite people to watch. Around here it’s not usual to catch a boy shirtless in public, but finding an unexpected young bare chest out in public is a real treat.

  2. Agree^^ Chad ! I love to boy watch too! Nothing creepy but just casually see all the hot young boys and all the different colors,shapes,sizes and styles of them! I was at a store recently and a boy was with his mom and sister and he was the cutest thing! He kept starring at me and I kept peeking little glances of him! He wasn’t starring in a “why are you looking at me ” way ,He was looking at me as if he liked me? I couldn’t believe he was doing that,I mean he would wait until his mom and sis weren’t looking ,to look back at me and smirk OMG what a doll! He was an absolutely gorgeous boy! wish I had a way of getting his pic! Oh well maybe someday I will see him again? yes

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