10 thoughts on “Boy meets Girl 2

  1. They are all beautiful kids and they take awesome pics too. It’s nice to see boys and girls getting along – except for the last pics – LOL! Thanks for the pics and hope to see more boys/girl pics in the future.

  2. Girls, yuck!
    These type of photos break my heart. Because i know most likely one day those girls will break the heart of each of those beautiful boys. And that none of those boys will ever love me the way they do girls. sad

  3. Great photos Chad! they capture the essence of family and brothers and sisters,perhaps cousins etc in some shots! Fun! and of course the boys are darlings as well…. laugh so are the little girls too! and the last shot c`mon guys thats FUN! that’s the ultimate kid brother boppin his sister with a water balloon! That’s what younger siblings are for to torment !! All in good fun of course! That’s just kids!

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