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  1. The boy is pictures 1-3 hit the headlines here in the UK. I seem to remember there was some sort of school uniform disagreement. I don’t think it is wrong, after all, Scottish national costume is the kilt. in fact us guys would be far more comfortable wearing a kilt, we wouldn’t have to trap our ‘bits’ in tighty-whities (traditionally underwear is not worn when wearing a kilt) . The ladies are far better suited to trousers.

    • Yes, that’s right. The boy was protesting about not being allowed to wear shorts to school. As the school rules allowed skirts to be worn, he decided to wear a skirt. In the end, he won his case, and the school relaxed the rules about shorts. Quite right too!!! Damn stupid rule in the first place.

  2. The issue with school was, They dis-allowed the boy’s wearing shorts, so in protest, they started wearing skirts. No rules about that…
    As for wrong, no, it’s not wrong. This is 2016, not 1850.
    Personally, I think it’s damn cute. ;0)

  3. Not Right. Boys wear pants for a reason. The Scottish kilt wearers do wear underwear to keep the balls from flapping … undies are an invention for several good reasons, including wet farts and piss drip. chuckle Whities are tight for some because they do not fit right … go buy a version and a size that does not squeeze you into pain ! chuckle ( Tight pants do not squeeze harmfully as the sex-perts insist … male bodies pull up the balls anyway. Millions of tight pant boys do not walk in pain ! laugh ) The issue is wacko laugh

  4. I’m guessing the last pic of Florian is photo shopped, I don’t think he’d be caught dead in a dress! besides, if it is a real photo of him, he doesn’t look too happy about it!

  5. There’s never anything wrong about anything a boy (or a girl) wants to wear, if they’re being true to themselves and are not being coerced. Some choices will obviously be accepted more easily by others than others, but anything we think is too sexual, scandalous, cross-gendered, inappropriate or too revealing is on us, not them. That’s a judgement we’re making observing them. Chances are they’re not seeing it that way, and we can just shut up and let them be.

    Whether you find it attractive or not is also on us. Personally I think boys dressed as girls is sexy as hell, but i feel even more so about boys wearing skimpy speedos, and for the boy wearing them, they’re just swimwear.

  6. First of-f No its not wrong,If they truly want to wear a dress…but like some have said I do like my boys to be boys and dress like little/young boys ,that’s why I like them, But then again to each his/her own! First three pics of the “protest boy” are real ALL of the rest are fake and photo shopped especially the Beckham boy and Florian….Now I have seen Florian in real pics in a dress and a lame (shiny fabric) outfit but I think they were for fun?..

    • OMG That’s funny! I had to go back and look! That’s a baby elephant trunk… chuckle I’m laughing so hard I cant type!!! laugh chuckle How did you see that?…..So funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

    • After zooming in i can see what your talking about. Good eyes. Sorry about that. Administrators missed it too. Go ahead and take it down. I will try and be more watchful in the future. Thanks.

  7. Boys are often experimental, about everything, why not clothing? And “if the shoe fits…” I bet most of you at least tried wearing a little something when you were younger.

  8. It’s not wrong in principle, but in this case it’s totally wrong because (apart from the first boy) it’s all faked BS !!! Some people have far too much time on their hands!

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